Asynchronous Animators? (Job System in Unity)

I was curious if VRChat currently takes advantage of the Unity Job System to do Multi-threaded Animators? (Example: AnimatorJobExtensions)

If not, was it considered? Also if possible, what challenges would you have to overcome to solve this?

From what I can tell, one of the biggest problems besides draw calls is the compounding of animators in dense instances. This is considering all the existing locomotion, gestures, IK, and custom animators that people use. I have seen decent improvements in my game FPS by turning off Custom Animators in an entire lobby (10-25+ FPS depending on the lobby). So I figured that maybe if it isn’t multi-threaded, if maybe that would help?

Obviously, turning off custom animators could also prevent heavier shaders or combinations of too many materials to incur draw calls, so I may be missing the mark here. But I do know how expensive traditional, layered animators are compared to blend trees, so I figured it may be worth looking into, especially if the Job System could be implemented for more than just animators.