Seeking Help with Syncing Animation in VRChat

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Hello everyone,

I’m encountering an issue with syncing animation FX layers in VRChat and I could use some assistance in resolving it. Here’s the problem:

I’m using Motion Time to associate float parameters for material switching animations in Unity. While testing, I noticed that these animations work fine in mirrors or cameras in VRChat, but they don’t seem to be effective in first-person or when viewed by others.

Additionally, I’m experiencing an issue where using an inactive animation to sync with other active animation FX layers results in the corresponding animations becoming inactive as well.

The material switching animations recorded for different material elements within the same model hierarchy are also effective, with only occasional instances where one or two animations encounter the issue described earlier (animations preview correctly, but do not work in Gesture Manager or within the VRChat game).

I’ve encountered similar issues in other projects as well. When I’ve created animator components in child nodes to maintain animations, it occasionally resulted in animations not functioning properly. Only after removing these animator components and using the animator component in the avatar’s root node did the animations work correctly. I suspect the issue may be related to the animator component.

In the current project, the animator component in the model’s root hierarchy uses a controller with the same name as the model, with an empty state set as the default upon import. However, during testing with Gesture Manager, I noticed that the controller of the animator component in the model’s root hierarchy was set to “none”. I’m unsure if this has any impact on the issue.

Unity 2022.3.6f1,VRChat SDK 3.5.2
Poiyomi 8.2
DressingTools 2.4.1

Could anyone provide some insights or solutions on how to tackle these issues? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!