Any tips and tricks for beginners like me on a Vrchat world on unity?

Hello, I had yesterday great difficulty with unity on making my very first Vrchat.

Are there any tips and tricks for beginners like me?

What do you mean by difficulty, because your project does look really bare bone.

Do you have some priori small unity knowledge before ? If not you may want to start with this, trying to get familiar with the interface and the major concepts. After you can look on youtube there is lots of tutorials on how to make cool worlds.

You should mainly look at the keyword “Udon” which is the VRChat System for worlds, you’ll find great content i’m sure.

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Hi @nils606 and welcome!

I would echo what @Spokeek advises – YouTube and Google search are your friend here.

If you aren’t familiar with Unity yet, there are many free resources to get more comfortable using it.

Keep in mind that VRChat has a specific version that works with the SDK, and only the built-in render pipeline is supported!

If you are a C# programmer, some things will work, and others not. This is where UDON comes in, you can program in Udon Sharp and Udon Graph.

Where to start?
Think about the world you want to make:
Does it have a purpose?
Do you have ideas in mind, something you want to share with everyone in your world?
Is it a game world with an objective, a goal, a puzzle?
Or just a nice chill or party environment for friends?
Whatever you want to do, you can do it!

What difficulty are you having?
Let us know, give as many details as you can, and please, get a proper screenshot program like gyazo or greenshot, don’t use your phone unless you have to :)

Do you have any 3D modeling, drawing, mods or world building experience on other game engines? Much of any earlier experience you have will translate, in some way, to Unity.

If this is your first time making worlds, and everything is new, don’t worry! Most of VRChat worlds and avatars are made by users in this community.

Some extra advice, it’s not of major importance, but, spend more time in VRChat. Go explore worlds other people have made, either in public, with friends, or private. Raise your trust ranking in the process.

Think about what you can create yourself from scratch, and where you may need help scripting or assets from other people to use in your worlds. There are great resources, many are free – search Booth, Gumroad, and Github for example. VRC Prefabs Database has a lot of free items for you:

Hope that helps get you started!

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