Creating your own project on VRChat

Hello! I’m quite new to creating VRChat worlds. I have a ready-made Unity project that I want to transfer to VRChat. I have a car ride implemented there, but when transferring to VRChat, it is not clear how to do the functionality so that the character can interact, for example, with the car so that he can ride it. Yes, and other various actions. If in normal Unity I just created a character and hung scripts on it and on the machine, then it’s completely unclear how to do everything. Do I need to use Udon or what should I do? Help please

I’d recommend using UdonSharp if you’re experienced with Unity and C#.

To get started with VRChat content creation, we recommend the Creator Companion.

We don’t usually recommend transferring existing Unity scenes into VRChat. It’s doable, but you may run into the following issues:

  • VRChat requires Unity 2019.4.31f1. Downgrade from newer versions isn’t likely to work.
  • U# has functionality for interacting with the VRChat SDK, which may contradict with how you’ve designed your existing code.
  • Your existing code may have to be refactored, as U# is a subset of C#.

If you’re unfamiliar with VRChat world creation, please refer to our documentation at Setting up the SDK