All worlds lag badly on Quest 2

So I am playing VRChat on Q2 and I get 10-30 FPS in all worlds apart from the Hub.

I have very bad ping in worlds too staying at 150ms on both my WiFi and my Friend’s WiFi.

When in Murder 4 I lag and get 24 FPS at the most and 160ms ping at the most. When the murderer picks up a knife it takes about 1-2s to show in their hand. If I am being chased by murderer and I go through a door and lock it, it looks like I locked the murderer out and I am far away from them on my screen then like out of nowhere they phase through the door and whilst I am still far away from them, I suddenly die because on their screen I am still right in front of them.

There is more too, when the Detective shoots an innocent, their gun drops so I spam the side trigger to pick it up but before you know it, it teleports into someone else’s hand or I WILL pick it up and then teleports into someone else’s hand.

Why do I lag so badly and get bad ping? (Ping cannot be related to my WiFi, I have good WiFi speeds)

150ms isn’t too awful, and is well within “expected range” for ping in VRChat. Also, framerate isn’t related here.

Basically, you’re talking about two things:

My framerate is low!

That can happen in a lot of situations. Two main things cause framerate drops: Lots of people in an instance, and poorly-optimized content.

Having a ton of people in the same instance will cause framerate to drop no matter what. Keeping track of voice, IK, etc etc etc for tons of people will always be heavy work and its part of where we put a lot of our optimization work internally.

Basically all of the content that you see in VRChat is “UGC” or “user generated content”. That means players made it! Although we have tons and tons of super-talented people making stuff for VRChat, not everyone is an expert developer. You’re going to run into content that someone made that isn’t optimized for performance. That’s fine. The goal of VRChat is, in part, let anyone create. That freedom comes with a cost. We’re OK with that and it’s part of our core philosophy.

My interactions with the world and other players are delayed!

Kinda the same reasoning as above, but with a slightly different flavor. Networking in Udon is actually something you can control pretty deeply at the expert level. Depending on how the world is setup, you can tolerate differing ping pretty well… or not well at all.

Anyways, your ping isn’t related to your framerate at all. You can have very bad ping (which I’d consider 400+ to be Very Bad) and have 90FPS. Conversely, you can have 15 FPS and 40 ping! They’re not related.

150 ping is reasonable, but definitely firmly in the area of “if you pay attention you’ll notice it”. There isn’t much you can do aside from creating an instance with a region that’s closer to you. VRChat has RTN servers in Japan, the western United States, and central Europe.

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Thanks but I noticed that VRChat downloads avatars even if your safety settings has blocked everyone’s avatars.

Can it not do a server check to see like the performance rating and decide that if it’s low it’ll download? I don’t know if that could be related.

I’ve noticed in lots of games that being the Game Master is like being… being…… a VRChat God, since everything works faster.

I remember playing Kitchen Cooks and being the game master allows you to like wash dishes with 3 taps whereas not being the game master, you have to wait like 5-10 seconds before the plate’s texture updates lol

Alright hang on let me just hack VRChat and clone “Murder 4” and make my own Murder 4 game (/s)

Also I don’t want to be that one type of person that advertises another game on a forum for a specific game but I have to admit I think Rec Room seems to have good network handling and some smooth ping for me when I play. I get steady frame rate too! (Probably Since the Maker Pen has limited Ink.)

No, this is not currently possible.

Yep! If you’re the master of the instance, you’re the network manager. You have an advantage. VRChat is certainly not a platform for competitive games. :upside_down_face: Not yet, at least!

No, what I mean is you click Murder 4, click “New Instance”, click the region that’s closer to you, and click Go.

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I can’t help but mention that VRChat provides a lot of freedom over exactly how world authors do networking. So being the master doesn’t necessarily give you an advantage in all worlds, it’s more about how the author chose to sync things and what sacrifices they chose to make. Perhaps they chose to sacrifice delay in order to improve reliability. With the ping that they tested, they probably felt that sacrifice was worth making.

That’s not to say the author is bad! If anything, in fact those worlds were really pushing the limits for when they were released. The thing is they were released before the “Udon Networking Update” which was only a few months ago. Without going into too much detail, this update gives even more control to world authors and allows them to make fewer sacrifices. But this update is not free performance, the world authors typically have to rewrite their systems in order to make use of it, which is a lot to ask! I’m certainly not telling you to go out there and ask them to redo everything. I’m sure they’re already aware and doing the best they can.

Over time, you’ll begin to see authors take advantage of this update and come out with even better worlds that can handle poor network connections. A good example of this is the pool table. One that was uploaded 6 months ago will have several seconds of delay between the person hitting the ball to the balls moving, but now it’s practically instant.


So I am in the UK, what’s closest to me?

Also the thing is I don’t want to wait years for players to join the instance.

(That’s like waiting for your Among Us! lobby to fill up and THAT takes ages.)

There is also some pool table games that lag the hell out of me (~5 FPS) when the ball is moving

I also heard that clearing cache can help? Is that true?

So I am in the UK, what’s closest to me?

That would be the EU region.

Also the thing is I don’t want to wait years for players to join the instance.

You don’t necessarily need to create a new instance. Just look for existing instances in your region. They have an icon, you would want the blue circle with yellow stars.

There is also some pool table games that lag the hell out of me (~5 FPS) when the ball is moving

Yes, that is FPS lag though, not networking. The pool table does a lot of custom physics calculations which is rough on the quest.

I also heard that clearing cache can help? Is that true?

Clearing cache can help with some specific bugs that come up sometimes, but it is not a “fix lag” button. The cache keeps worlds and avatars downloaded so that you don’t have to download them again. Clearing it just makes you download a fresh copy again.

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Thanks for the info but what if everyone chooses US by default because they don’t see the option/scan past it?

I know that’s FPS lag :slight_smile:, like you said it is kind of tough for the Quest to keep up haha

Whilst I do know what it means when I clear cache, I thought it also did other stuff, thanks for the info.