Accessing worlds on Linux?

So I’m new to VR chat and unfortunately my operating system is Linux (Ubuntu studio) (yes I know this isn’t ideal and there’s not many of us)
I’m finding that a lot of worlds just freeze up my system causing me to do various shades of reboot which is obviously quite disruptive when trying to enjoy the experience.
I believe I know what causes it and we’re working on solves on our end.

My question is is there any way at all of telling which worlds might work for me in the meantime?

I’d love to be able to at least browse for a homeworld without these problems hitting me all the time :roll_eyes:

From your post it sounds like you have half the answer, and you didn’t share it.

What causes worlds to not work in Linux? is it video players? something else?

We think it’s the EAC causing it, basically when I try to go to a lot of worlds it freezes up on the “initialising” screen and freezes everything else with it (can’t click on anything, many commands don’t work)

You’re not using the open beta are you?

Not as far as I’m aware

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Send logs?

EAC is pretty world agnostic