A dedicated website for Paid VPM Packages to install in VCC?

I have been thinking of doing this for a while.

Making a platform where creators and the community could be able to add paid assets to their creator companion the easy way.

Today when you buy a paid asset, you need to add it manually to your vrchat project, and sometimes you don’t even know if there was a new version of the package if you don’t follow the news of your creator.

People use booth, gumroad, or even subscribe to patreons to be able to install packages.

So why not make a platform where users could login from the paid platform and could obtain an vcc URL to install their paid packages on the creator companion.

I know it supports dedicated headers within the url so it could allow an authenticated request to a server, redirecting to the package file.

I wanna do that, but there is probably some technical impacts that i am missing.

For example, can we make this retroactive for people that only pushed unitypackages and not fully vpm compatible packages ?

That’s why i’m making this post, tell me what you think of that, especially if you are from the creator part of it.

Edit: Moved it to CreatorHub ToolCreator, feels its more suitable for that.

How would this be an improvement over the Unity Asset Store?

Wouldn’t be, would be more related to give a way to add vpm paid packages on vcc.
So before even going into Unity.

But yes, you can indeed use the unity store.