ALCOM: a crossplatform fast open-source unofficial Creator Companion alternative

Recently I have released ALCOM, a crossplatform fast open-source unofficial Creator Companion alternative as non-beta 0.1.x versions.

This is faster and can install/update multiple packages at once, etc!

This can be used with VCC, you don’t have to uninstall VCC.

This works not only on Windows, but also on macOS/Linux environment.

Here is official download page: ALCOM

speed compressions:


Expect to get banned for this. VRChat Team doesn’t take kindly to creator dissent


Actually no this is completely allowed by VRChat GitHub - vrchat-community/creator-companion: The Entry Point for Making Things in VRChat as long as it doesn’t modify the SDK.

There are other 3rd party VCCs such as GitHub - AranoYuki1/VCC-for-mac: Unofficial macOS Client of VRChat Creator Companion and GitHub - vrc-get/vrc-get: Fast Open Source command line client of VRChat Package Manager.

It doesn’t matter, they’ll FIND a way to get back at you for it. VRChat Team despises its creators with a burning malice.


Probably not. Else they would already went against you for doing so. And especially going to a ban. Wtf.

Anyway. Love the tool @anatawa12
Let’s go

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It’s nice to see people creating cross compatible tools like this, might check it out later and see how well it works cause having a way to just get straight to opening my project would be nice.

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There’s been a few reports regarding off-topic posts in this thread, let’s keep it on topic please.

Thanks for posting about ALCOM! Very impressive.

We talked about it in Slack today and it sparked an interesting conversation about why the VCC UI is slow (long time architecture issues if I translated it right). I’m glad there’s alternatives available for those who want them.


I think the name could be confused for AICOM. Having it work on linux is interesting, does VCC work on linux?

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Far as I understand it VCC does not natively work on Linux/MacOS so allowing for 3rd party versions that are built for those operating systems is always going to be a good thing.


does VCC work on linux?

Generally no. IIRC it depends on Microsoft Edge’s WebView which is available on Windows only.

I didn’t know about AICOM. sorry.
I choose the name based on easy to read for both English and Japanese users and not too long.
ALCOM is from ALternative Creator COMpanion.

the GUI version of VCC does not work natively on non-Windows platforms and wine is hard to work because WebView2 is unstable / unavailable on wine.
the CUI version of VCC is available from Nuget. CLI | VRChat Creator Companion

PS: the CUI version of ALCOM is avaiable as vrc-get.
(actually, ALCOM is developed as the GUI frontend of vrc-get)


Ah, this looks really cool, and is very much a thing I’ve been wanting for a while now. I’m definitely checking it out!