Worlds with Missing Textures, PC & Quest, Newest Beta

Worlds were loading without a large portion of their textures. The image shows one of the worlds we went to, just as an example. However, several worlds were like this. They were perfectly fine for our other friend who wasn’t on the newest beta, it was just for us. For reference, I am on a quest 2 Standalone, and he is on pcvr, but it was the same for both of us. I’m not sure if anyone else has been having this issue, but figured I’d make a post just incase it is a bug that people have been having. :>

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I haven’t looked at the open beta section of the official feedback site today.

But maybe there is a bug filed already? There is filed bugs for older terrain.

If you do need to file a bug please include a world id to look at

Okay thanks! I checked it out and it looked like nobody else reported the issue there thanks again!