Will there be a quest 3 update to support generative legs?

See here:

While on the topic, could there be a graphics update for better lighting?

For something like “better lighting” you might need to get into specifics. I’ve seen plenty of worlds that don’t use the existing lighting system in unity to it’s full potential. I was in a world where there was a light in the center of the room, but in both quest and PC there was no light for the mirror, so when wearing an avatar with standard lit, or standard the face and body were in the dark.

I think for now worlds are going to be still targeting Quest 2 as much as they have been. The amount of quest compatible 3d scan worlds I’ve been in that immediate crash quest friends is amusingly high.

Here’s an image from quest of the world Interstellar

And one from PC

I’m not sure how it works, but it would be nice to see quest have lighting like that.

Something more important though: Increased quest build size? I heard it was maxed at 100mb and that’s incredibly small

unfortunately quest has limits on world size and graphics due to its limited hardware

Quest 2 has limitations, but can’t it be increased for quest 3?

when you upload something you upload it either for pc or quest
when you upload for quest its the same upload for quest 1 2 and 3, quest one is no longer technically supported but things you upload have to work on quest 2

What world is that? You did name it I’m now seeing just before I post my comment, I’ll see how many interstellar there are. The main thing I’m seeing between the two pictures is that the quest one has a lesser view of the room, so I’m not sure about like the missing shower curtain

The floor being brighter, is that because of the video?

The blurry copy of the video on the ceiling, “real time reflection” I think that’s where you’d get the most trouble.

The shower curtain is there on the quest version. And yes the floor being brighter is because of the video, the color also matches the color of the video (light bounce?)

The real time reflection, darker lighting, the bloom, and post processing all would be nice on quest 3 if possible

With regard to the post’s original titled purpose: no plans to support Q3’s generative leg system. Never say never, though!

With regards to where the thread’s derailed to:
Realtime reflections are expensive even on high-end PCs (depending on how you set it up) so I can’t see Q3 getting it, ever. The light bounce you’re referring to is likely realtime GI, which can be even more expensive.

Post-processing (tonemapping, bloom, etc) is recommended against by Meta due to the tile-based GPU being bad at it, so no, probably not.

It’s important to keep in mind that, while the Q3 can be quite powerful, it’s still a mobile SOC! It has limits, and UGC tends to be very unoptimized, so we have to leave tons of headroom – esp since we’re well under FPS targets. :smiley:

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