Why does the creator companion keep crashing when I try to change what file my projects are stored in

Whenever I try to change what file my projects are stored in, the companion will just crash. I have tried multiple times and it just keeps crashing. I think that this might be an issue with my laptop being pretty old, but I am not sure. Please help

Are you asking it to move stuff, or just saying hey put stuff somewhere else today?

I could see the first one being weird, but the second one failing is sus. I did have creator companion fail to create a project today because my drive for that was unplugged…

I was asking it to save a new project somewhere else. The companion freezes up for a minuet before crashing whenever I try to change the save location.

What can you say about the new location? USB? Regular hard drive? How much space is free?

I think you should copy existing project to there, see how that goes. Then try asking creator companion to open it.

I wonder if it’s a storage device issue. On some of my older computers I’ve had issues with USB not being reliable on all the ports. So I’ve had drive decide to shut off in the middle of a copy.

But these days I have a sata ssd connected over USB3 and it’s been rock solid