Why do I have worlds in private that have been deleted without warning?

Hello, recently I published several maps in private ready to be in public however it would have taken 3 weeks for it to be in labs, however I noticed that since today two of my three maps have been deleted without any warning, finally they disappeared without leaving a trace.

However the third was put in Labs on Sunday evening, but now it and in private, approved (public) and in labs at the same time !

Why ???

I went to look a little in my history and actually I can still go to the pages of my maps supposedly deleted.

On the other hand, they are not supposed to be deleted, just in private, they have become totally invisible !

my private map invisible :

Deep Oak Forest Environment HQ :

Asian Garden :

The last two screens are taken by a friend to show me what he sees !

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I uploaded 3 worlds over the weekend (1 as local test, 2 as private and not community labs). These were from scratch worlds, small, no TOS or stolen content, but they have all vanished as well.

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Now one of my worlds has gone public and reappeared, but the other two are hidden…

But at least I see I’m not the only one having this problem.

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This appears to be a bug that we’re investigating!

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I just saw that on my side everything is back to normal.