What is the "worldconfig" folder in localLow

Is this folder some kind of remanent of a vrchat experiment for saving world parameters?
or is it related to world building / testing this folder always seems to be generated every so often but is always empty.

Hi, @slicedbread ! Thank you for posting.

This is the first time I’ve seen someone mention that folder, so I had to ask around… :thinking:

Apparently, this folder is related to a feature that was in the works a few years ago. The folder hasn’t been causing any problems, so it has gone unnoticed! We may remove this folder in a future update because it doesn’t serve a purpose.

By the way - VRChat will be releasing a feature called “Persistence” later this year. It will allow worlds to save data, which might be what you’re looking for!


Was about to say that, maybe it was primitive code related to the upcoming persistance update.

Funny little finding.

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That might not be too far off, haha!

We’re tracking this task internally. If you’d like to see our progress, feel free to create a Canny post for it and we’ll link them :link::link::link: