Weird normal map problem

when trying to use normal maps on a spider lair base, on quest it makes it look diseased. any fix?

I could think of a few reasons – maybe the normals are (for some reason) on a different UV channel? Maybe the strength is too high?

It might help if you post screenshots of how it looks using Unity Standard vs, say, Standard Lite.

I have a similar issue, here is the full problems visible.

in game:

Issues are only prevalent in vrchat. strength is 1, albedo is all on Uv0;
uses logo loco. Issue started with the Vrchat unity sdk version update.
problem is not prevalent on PC.

I’ve started to get this exact same problem recently, and it’s quite frustrating to be honest. Works perfectly fine on PC, breaks on Quest. Last time I had done this, it had no problems.

Configurations are the exact same to Pressy’s configurations above. The only major thing I noticed were the normal maps in the Unity Editor suddenly becoming a little more blue when on the Android platform.