VRLabs VRC School - General purpose advanced documentation

VRC School is a new project launched by the VRLab team and more specifically JustSleightly.

They are the team behind a lot of raw tools on which a lot of other tools are built of.

Today they offer us a new very handy tool, the VRC School website https://vrc.school

This website will guide you in all the in depths of the deep relations between vrchat and the unity substsems. How they communicate, the best way to use them, etc.

Feel free to explore those ressources and take a look at https://vrlabs.dev to discover all the various projects they have made and that could inspire you to create.

Their socials are on their website.


This site is absolutely incredible. @JustSleightly and @jellejurre did a fantastic job! Thank you for sharing it.

VRChat’s official docs don’t cover Unity, and Unity’s docs aren’t ideal for users who are new to the VRChat SDK. I wonder what newcomers think of this page!

The docs also include some additional details that might be helpful to all creators. For example, the table for VRChat’s built-in parameters goes into greater detail than the official docs.

I wonder if they’ve considered suggesting changes to VRChat’s docs! If not - I’m tempted to move some of the information myself, haha.

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You could always suggest changes, but from what they said on X, they ment this website to be more their specific documentation platform where they have all the flexibility they need to make changes and give proper directions in their opinion.

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You could always suggest changes

I have! :grin:Some pages use expired video URLs · Issue #2 · VRLabs/VRCSchool · GitHub
That’s the great thing about open source docs.

have all the flexibility they need to make changes and give proper directions in their opinion

Hmmm that makes sense! It looks like that tweet is about https://vrclibrary.com/, but they might feel similar about the official documentation.

I see @jellejurre is already typing a response! Heya :wave: Thank you so much for writing VRC School! The effort really paid off!



Thanks for the kind words, I’m happy so many find the site useful

Personally I didn’t think of adding to the official docs as I was too focussed on writing these docs and some parts our data is based more on community testing/concensus than hard fact (our masking docs for example go against vrchat’s recommendations) so I’m not sure which parts and how much of that would fit on the official docs, but feel free to move any info you want to the official docs!

The more people have access to info/documentation, the better!


That is what I assumed based on the post, without any feeling about the work being done by all the teams.

As being said, the more knowledge, the better, that’s why I named the post advanced / in depth documentation about unity x VRChat relation.

Really love the work being made by everyone.

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Then I’ll take a look at which paragraphs might be a good fit for the official docs. :smirk:We’re always happy to review your Pull Requests, too, if you have any suggestions!

Both VRChat’s official docs and VRC School are based on Docusaurus, so moving information between them should be easy. (There are some differences is writing style, of course.)

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