VrChat won't display in VrHeadset

Hello! I own a Oculus Rift S that’s about 3 or 4 years old. Every time I try to load up VrChat, for some reason, it will not display anything other than the window of the app loading in the headset. But it does load up in the window on my computer. I have tried to see if could click on the login from the window with my mouse and controllers, but neither of them works. I tried to “skip the GO” to see if just throwing me into the world would help, but it did not. I’ve tried uninstalling VrChat, checking for updates, and even unplugging and plugging the wires back in. It’s definitely not my computer as it is a brand spanking new one and every single one of my other VR games works perfectly.

Desktop Mode works just fine as ever, it’s how I was able to log in and “skip the go”. It’s just for some reason it dislikes my headset all of a sudden. If anyone knows a way to fix this or some sort of solution, I would be eternally grateful. I was so excited to play VRChat on my new pc without having to worry about lagging. :frowning:

Ooop. I got it. It was the display port. Which is weird cause it wasn’t working that way the first time. But now it is. Huh.