Vrchat User Survey - country of origin limitation

As I was about to participate at the vrchat survey, I noticed they require you to be from the US or Canada.

I’m from France/Europe but I can speak English fluently. Is this limitation in place and not allowing anyone not from those countries to participate? Because I didn’t read about that when it got announced in the forum post.

I’d like some information about that.

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Gift cards and such often have legal restrictions for being handed out as prizes/gifts as part of surveys so there was likely additional regulations that made the EU/France too complicated it include.

Maybe in the future as VRChat does more surveys this could change but for now its just how it is.

That would make sense. I would feel I would fill the form anyway, even if I don’t receive the card, but I’m unsure. I will see if some staff responds to the topic.

It was confusing to see an invitation limited to US/CA although in the first survey I stated where I’m from (Also EU).

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I’m boosting this post as we didn’t get a proper response yet.
Would be glad to get one, else I’ll send an official email and post the response here.