VRChat Unplayable

Everything loads fine or seems to. I can move around, hear people and see them. click them and hide or show avatars and everything as per the usual. HOWEVER. people cant see or hear me beyond me being stuck in the floor at spawn. If a game starts or I try to interact with an object, VRChat gives me a time out message. “VRChat not responding”\ “VRChat connection time out”. but it only happens when i try to play a game. if i just sit there i’m fine for a period of time.
fixes I’ve tried:
-I’ve cleared cache.
-I’ve opted into open beta.
-I’ve reinstalled the game.
-verified no flags on my account.
I run a valve index with 3 stations and trackers, and have almost 1.2k hours in this game. what do I Do?
im running a 16core ryzen 9 with a rtx 3070 and 64gb ram. all of which show no errors when playing.

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