Vrchat plus error questions subscribe error that user is not trusted

Hi everyone
I tried to pay for vrchat plus.
But I get an error. :joy: :joy:
On the vrchat bug reporting site, I found out that this is a steam error.
However, I was satisfied with the in-game overlay settings, etc., with a $5 deposit on Steam, but still not working.
If you know how to fix this, please help. Thank you. :joy:

u found the fix ?

I still haven’t found a way :joy:

This issue seems to be related to the trust status from Steam, it’s not related to VRChat’S trust status. (Since you can even buy VRC+ as a visitor to immediately get to New User rank.)

Steam treats an account as trusted when you had a transaction on Steam that happend over 90 days ago and has not been charged back.

Can both of you check if this has or hasn’t been the case for you?

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Hello thank you for the answer.
Thanks to your response, I was able to find guidance on Steam in-game payments that require more than 90 days of payment.

I wanted to become an early supporter of vrchat, but I think I will have to wait a little longer. Thank you for your reply. :joy:

Indeed, that’s where the hint came from. :stuck_out_tongue:

As Tupper responded on a canny post of this topic, eventually the support can help.
So you might try a ticket at https://help.vrchat.com/new

And if not, there isn’t really anything to loose. :smiley:

Hello thank you for answering
I’m sorry, but I didn’t fully understand what you were saying
Can you tell me in more detail what “As Tupper responded on a canny post of this topic, eventually the support can help. So you might try a ticket at https://help.vrchat.com/new” means? Please :joy:
Maybe I think I don’t have an accurate understanding of the ticket system.

Im referencing to this: Canny

That it might be worth to open a ticket regarding the topic to eventually get it sorted without waiting 90 days.

oh~! i see Thanks for explaining~! :smile:

I can verify the same symptoms; I got Steam and VRChat six months ago but I’ve never made a purchase on Steam. I have VRChat “user” rank and transferred money to Steam this week, but still get the non trusted message. Sounds like that’s because I have no Steam purchases that were made minimum 90 days ago.

Hello I have inquired about the Steam trust of subscription payment on vrchat through a ticket according to the advice above.
And today I got a reply to him, and I was finally able to process the payment. I hope you guys try it too :smile: I think all of you can now try to pay. I think everything will work now.
Thank you to all of you and the vrchat team for contemplating this issue together.