VRChat Plus - additional avatar favorites not working - lists always empty in-game

I signed up for VRChat Plus a week ago and am having an issue with the 4 additional avatar favorites lists. In-game they are always empty, even if I add avatars to them. When I view my profile on vrchat.com though, I can see the avatars I’ve added. Also, if I rename the additional lists online, they\ir names will change in game. However, all 4 of the additional favorites lists always display as empty in-game.

When I open the avatar menu, it displays 20/300 and the VRChat Plus badge. 20 is the total of the 2 normal favorite lists that are working. If I favorite an avatar to one of the additional 4 lists, it appears on the list for a second and then disappears. My favorites counters will go from 20/300 to 21/300. Then after a minute it goes back to 20/300.

Searching, I haven’t found anyone else who’s encountered this issue. Here’s what I’ve tried.

  • confirmed my VRChat Plus subscription is active (email and in-game badges and UI elements - “Thanks for your support”)
  • rebooting/restarting
  • cleared my profile and re-logged in, both via VRChat and Steam
  • cleared avatar data
  • cleared downloaded data
  • checked output_log
    • my VRChat Plus subscription is listed as Active
    • the avatar i tried to add was successful - “Added avatar to favorites” with no error message

Auto-updates are on in Steam and in Settings, Debug it says I’m on build 1275.

Thanks for any help with this.

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I am having the same issue, but with only one of the categories. Did you ever find a fix?

Got Vrc+ a few days ago and I’m having the exact same issue!! If you figure out how to solve it, please let me know!

Also with this note, I’ve been having a lot of issues with logging in on my oculus, as sometimes it will completely forget I have vrc+ and not give me access to thoes features until I logged in and out

I purchased vrc+ on steam while in steam vr if that is an important note for anyone trying to patch this bug

there was one time it was working normally vrc+ wise but without the little cat I should’ve had-

Support got back to me and said they’ve tracked down the cause of the issue and plan to include a fix in a future release.

I asked if they could either put my VRChat Plus sub on hold until it’s fixed or credit the time that I don’t have access to the additional favorites lists in-game. No reply on that yet.

Same issue, support gave me a really vague answer of “it’ll hopefully be fixed in a future update”. They really should be refunding people and rushing to fix this though, people are literally paying for this feature and it’s not being provided.