I Can't EXPAND. (Avatar issues)

Go to hop on for a nice New Years Party after months of hiatus of VRChat; find that my favorites for Avatars register numerically: 14/25.

Seems good, however. There’s no Avatars present under the Favorite’s Tab to slide to choose from.

Secondly, it recommended to expand; me thinking “Alright, sure thing. I just gotta Expand my Favorite Avatar Tab”

I Can Not Expand. Everything I have tried has not worked.

Here’s what I have tried:
+ Reset My Cache every Attempt
+ Logged out
+ Uninstalled/reinstalled
+ Reset all Settings
+ Checked on the VRChat Web Browser – it’s empty besides “FEATURED AVATARS”

Effectively: I can not use Favorite Models. Quite a shame, especially to bring in the year 2021. Woohoo…

So IDK if you found this out yet since it’s been a while just favorite another avatar and it may fix it.

Hi, Im having the same issue. Any solution yet?