Cant favorite avatars fix?

Since logging in today I’ve been haven’t been able to favorite or unfavorite avatars. I googled this problem and the only solution I found was to just “wait it out till it fixes itself”. Aside from this being a terrible solution, this “fix” is from 2019/2020 so I’m worried my problem might be different. Does anyone else have this problem or know an actual fix?

Yup I’ve got this right now and I can’t even see my fave avatars

This usually happens when the servers catch fire/are under heavy load.
Honestly the only real fix is to just wait for the servers to start responding.

However, if this keeps being broken you might want to try:

  • If you’re using a steam account, making a VRC account and linking the two.
  • Delete your local VRC Cache
  • Run VRChat with the debug flags and see what it spits to the log file.