VRChat keeps turning off my wifi

Hi! I’m not really sure how to explain this, but every time I connect to vrchat my wifi on my entire pc becomes unable to connect after a few minutes playing, usually about 5-15. I installed it yesterday, and haven’t gotten it to work for longer than that. I get the error message “Your connection to VRChat timed out" and have to force close the game.

I’m running vrchat only in desktop mode because I don’t own a vr headset. My sister can run it reliably on her pc, and she is less than a foot away (through a wall). I’m using a self-built pc that’s less than a month old, with a separate pcie wifi card that is installed directly into the motherboard.

Once I go into vrchat, even when I’m not on multiplayer or anything, after a few minutes my wifi will disconnect on my pc (no other device on the network). I can sometimes run the troubleshooter after closing the game, and it will come back up temporarily but it will remain unreliable until I restart my computer. After a restart, it runs fine again until I try to play vrchat.

I am on wifi and do not have a way to run ethernet to my pc. I’ve tried 2.4ghz, 5ghz, and am currently running dual band. I’ve changed my power settings, checked my firewall, shut off my antivirus, reinstalled all my drivers, flushed my dns, renewed my ip, restarted both my adapter and my computer repeatedly, and a bunch of other stuff I can’t remember. My internet runs great now, but I still can’t run vrchat for more than a few minutes. At this point, I’m not really sure what else to try.

Try a different wifi thing? Anything using wireless can be quite spooky.

I think one thing that sets VRChat apart from most other applications is going to be the connection count. Talking to API to track friends, talks to a server for like being in game, avatars downloads happen at random. Maybe there is a video or two in background…

Your computer can tell you how well it heard the access point, it can’t tell you how well it works the other way.

Personally I avoid wifi as much as possible because of reliability.

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That’s a really weird situation and it makes me think it’s most likely a hardware problem - perhaps the WiFi card overheating while downloading large worlds/avatar files.

To test, you might try just loading up a small world (Private) and just AFK in there for a while to see if it disconnects. This will test if it’s related to high downloads causing the problem.

Could also try keeping VRChat closed, then doing something bandwidth intensive like downloading some really large files, etc - really try to saturate your bandwidth and see if it kicks off again.

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I would try getting a 50 ft cat 6 or 6e ethernet cable and just running it across your house and see if everything works then
If so you know that you can’t run VRChat on Wifi in your house and with your setup