Video Player Error

Hello, I’ve been having an issue where video players won’t load an direct .mp4 link (around an hourish). Only youtube videos works fine. My boyfriend can see the video whenever it’s loaded, but it doesn’t seem to work on my end even though we’re both on desktop :')

What sort of place is hosting the video?

i got my mp4 from an anime site, since we planned to watch an anime through a cinema world

The link is probably using https, can you check the SSL certificate?

Checking a regular web page is easier to explain, an unspecified anime site it’s either going to be the “let’s encrypt” problem, where unity doesn’t pick up their root certificate. Or something with the site.

What happens if you grab a link and throw it into a video player while you’re by yourself? I wonder if you’re getting links that work for one session and not two.