Validations menu is blank, cannot do an offline test

Using the latest version of the SDK, the correct version of Unity, everything, I suddenly can’t locally test my avatars. It tells me that I have to “fix the issues listed above before you can do an Offline Test”. However, the Validations menu, the one which would show the issues, is completely blank. I have no idea what’s wrong with it, but I cannot work with this.
Screenshot 2023-12-03 131305
I already tried to reimport everything, and that’s not changing anything.

Any problems if you go into the Console tab? (Should be in the bottom section next to the Project tab that shows all your files, etc)

That’s usually a good spot to check when weird errors start cropping up.

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Do you have all you avatars just sitting in the scene?

I think this is bad form and avatars should be dragged from the scense and stored in the folders below as a proper prefab

I have notice that sometimes the sdk upload cant see my avatar correctly to update its stats until i drag my avatar(ontop my folder prefab ( to resave it) delete said avatar from the scene and then drag it back in.

the sdk then refeshes the avatar list again

also their is a seclectornat the top of the upkoader now to selecte the avatar make sure its the right one selected.

Personally I’ll make multiple scenes in a project. Want to mess with an avatar? Open it’s scene.

Want to try something? Duplicate the scene and maybe materials