Theatrical Performance | VRPerformers Needed | VrChat

Hi everyone ,

I’m a theater director currently working and studying in Brussels, Belgium.

Im seeking for vrchat users with minimum acting skills and colorful personalities to take part

in a immersive theatrical performance as VRPerformers.

The project will take part at the end of this month ( 30 June )

I’m looking for users that are willing to meet 1on1 an audience member in a private room and have

a conversation with them on some partially scripted themes for no more than 30 minutes.

A minimum of role playing skills are needed.

The performance will take place only one day and for just 10 audience members since this is a school master degree final project.

This performance is not a commercial one, that means no income will come out of it but we manage to gather a production budget to cover possible expenses :slight_smile:

If interested send me an email on

And will schedule a meeting in VR chat for further information.

Short description of the performance:


Room 1.The audience member enters room one when he interacts with some sensors (pressure, temperature and moving sensors) that are triggering a video installation on the walls around him.

Room 2. In the previous room the audience member chooses a place that he wants to explore and it’s guided to the second room where he finds a vrhead set and instructions, once he puts on the headset he enters a private room in VrChat where he has the (rehearsed, prepared, and controlled) interaction and chat with the VRPerformer.

Room 3. After the meeting in Vr the audience members enters room 3, a chill room full of beanbags and comfortable mattresses with a big screen on the ceiling where is live projected (screen mirroring) the journey of the next audience member (basically, you as audience member can witness all the conversation and interaction of the othes). In these room the public can stay as long as they want.


Let’s together take part of new ways of doing performance art.

Thank you for your time reading all this and hopefully I’ll meet you soon.


This is very interesting. Reminds of this actual immersive Theatrical RP that I’ve tried. I recommend you guys to try this even if it’s for a project, you’ll learn something new.

Hey, I find this pretty interesting. Hope I can play the part in this project of yours!