The Visitor wave

Once a Year on Christmas I Unmute all Visitors and help them with getting started in VRC. It has become a tradition ever since I started VRC in 2017 because no one helped me when I got started.
I would love to see more people helping Visitors on Christmas because we all know most people do not read the stuff in the home world lol.

Also the amount of people we got this year has been crazy. VRC is growing and fast.

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100% Agree. New people usually end up in the most popular and trending worlds, making their first experience complicated.

On my side as I’m French, i find them in French community world. I do casually there to try to find the newcomers and give them hints about how to explore the game and answer questions about the platform.

Especially in those times of wave of new player, let’s try to avoid gate keeping as much as possible.

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