Testing Contact Senders / Receivers in-Editor?

I’ve got a Contact Receiver system setup to grab an object from a world dropped parental position.

All looks well but I would like to test in-editor, However none of my usual debug testing methods can get the parameters to update.

Could my use of “Scythe/HandL” as the parameter be causing issues?

I cannot find any tutorials or info related to in-editor testing. I would like to see a test method updated in the VRChat Creators documentation.

Building the avatar for every fine-tune adjustment is a little silly time-wise.
Or is that the only debug option we have?

In this case, I would use Lyuma’s AV3 Emulator and set the parameter you’re watching for to the value you expect to simulate a receiver getting a contact signal!

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Thank you! Totally didn’t forget about Lyuma’s Emulator

After copious amount of testing I’ve discovered using “/HandL” as a user set parameter has been causing the animator to ignore transitions using the slated parameter.

I figure this may be due to internal animations causing this. I’ve written a draft bug report while debugging, Or should I sum it up to lack of information on my end?

Something like this isn’t really well documented if it is the expected results. May I make a suggestion to the VRChat Creation Document to include a list of blocked parameter names, Or a hyperlink to the relevant info?

Sure! On that page, you can either click Feedback in the bottom right to select the area that you think needs changed and give some info for feedback, or you can click “edit this page” on the bottom left to go to Github and suggest the changes if you know what to write there.

I’ll also let @Fax know that this could use some changing, as they keep an eye on documentation like that.

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