Params/OSC work for 'test' avs but not 'published' avs

Not sure if this is the right place for this issue but here’s hoping.

In-game, I’ve got a prop with a contact receiver on it that sets parameter ‘A’ when activated. Outside the game, I have a program watching OSC for parameter A, and in turn (among other things) sends an OSC message back to set parameter B (which triggers an animation).

When I do a ‘build and test’ and load the test copy of the avatar, everything works flawlessly, but when I do a ‘build and publish’ and load the published copy of the avatar, nothing works. Touching the contact receiver no longer triggers an OSC message about parameter A, and my program sending a message to set parameter B - although it shows up in the OSC debugger as having been received - does not seem to get passed to the avatar (the animation does not trigger).

I should note that the outside program is able to turn on and off the “user is typing” chatbox animation, as well as send text to the chatbox itself, on both test and published versions of the avatar, and it’s able to receive all the other standard OSC stuff (velocity changes, jumping/landing, view height, etc).

I’m absolutely baffled by this. So far I’ve tried adding parameter A to the main Parameters list, tried toggling ‘sync’ for it there, tried toggling ‘local only’ for the contact receiver, made sure avatar self-interaction was on, toggled OSC off and on again…nada. I’m hoping it’s just some obvious setting I forgot to switch on regarding local vs remote OSC data or something, but so far can’t find any answers.

I know sometimes it can be to some kind of osc cache.

Haï made a tool or it that you can try, maybe it will solve the issue Auto-reset OSC config | Haï~

Thanks, I’ll give that a shot.

Okay yeah you were totally right, it was the OSC Json cache; clearing that out and reuploading solved the issue. The linked tool looks like it’d be super handy in automating that, so I’ll just mark your post as the solution. Thanks again for the suggestion!

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