Test avatar doesn't show after doing "build and test"

I am in the latest Open-beta.
Test avatar doesn’t show after doing “Build and Test”.
Need to restart the game, then will see the new test avatar.

Is that still a problem? More recently I noticed there was like a minute or two for a new test avatar to show up in the list. Also if I’m iterating on something I need to be sure to switch off the test avatar (another test avatar is fine) before I compile it.

When I forget to switch off I get this cute little issue where I select a different avatar, it works, then the test avatar, it loads and then immediately reloads the previous avatar, but the UI thinks it’s showing the correct test avatar.

I forget if I just waited out the issue or had to rebuild the avatar again.

Still seems to be an issue, yeah. Any new test build that you publish while you’re still connected to VRChat necessitates a re-launching of the game in order to see it. :frowning:

A few times now I’ve renamed the object that contains the avatar descriptor to something where I already have a test build.

I should probably switch to something generic like TestAvatar. I keep things organized with the scene names

Yeah. Usually I’ll increment the Avi name in the descriptor, something like:

  • Avi_Name_1
  • Avi_Name_2

for each iteration, blow away the old test avi in the Content Manager and rebuild then reload VRChat. Not the most efficient workflow but it does work. I’ve had some instances where it appeared that test builds with the same name didn’t actually overwrite the old version, so that’s why I chose to iterate through the ‘version’ numbers - just so I can visually see that the new avi was indeed uploaded.

If you’re doing Build & Test, uploaded isn’t really the right word.

Build & Test avatars are vrca files in C:\Users\WindowsUser\AppData\LocalLow\VRChat\VRChat\Avatars

Personally I’ve had zero issues when I make sure to change out of the avatar I am testing before building a replacement version. But then I usually have that Avatars folder open and I can see the modified times on what is there.