Suggestions for the forum

It may already be in the works, but just wanting to put in a suggestion for a suggestions category to which I would then suggest a Community category where formed sub communities of VRChat could post their regular scheduled events or any upcoming special events they may have organised as a reference point for users, old and new, to find and meet like-minded communities. To further that, maybe a calendar could be then drawn up, much like the VRChat events calendar. (I would have put this in the site feedback link but it seems to be broken “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.” )

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I think the general look of the forum is too overwhelming. It looks much more like Stack Overflow than a regular chat forum. I can appreciate that approach if it was just an Udon thing, but this is too much for just general discussion. There’s a lot of information that is frankly irrelevant for normal discussion displayed that is too big and in the way.

I’m fine with it, but I don’t think others will be. It makes it difficult to navigate and harder to use.

Definitely a good idea regarding the “Feedback” or suggestions category. I’ll look into that today.

We considered a few additional categories during the initial expansion, including things like a “Community” and “Events” board. There are a few concerns we have with people linking things like Discord servers-- they’re surmountable concerns, though!

What were you clicking on to access a “Site Feedback” link? That may be a built-in function I haven’t configured properly.

@tae Can you be more specific? In user-mode, the forum is pretty bare-bones on information. We wanted to go with a pretty minimal look at first-- eventually, I imagine we’ll create a “VRChat-like” theme. The dark theme we’re going with currently is meant to be pretty minimal overall for a general user experience.

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I mostly meant the info below the post separating it from the replies and general redundancy of buttons like heart/share/bookmark/reply, it can give a “what is going on” kind of vibe. I don’t feel most people will be too interested in how many users are in the thread or how many views it has, and bookmarking and sharing etc.

The timeline thing on the right of the thread view is a little unnecessary too.

I realise you guys maybe don’t have full control over it considering the platform. It was just my first impression that the UI was a bit buttons-overload, as most people will only be interested in seeing the latest threads and adding to them.

Navigating was slightly confusing too. Maybe just me but if I went straight to a sub-forum I couldn’t find an easy way back up to the parent, eg. if I am on the main page and jump straight to “Avatars 2.0” but then want to browse back to the “Avatars” parent board, there’s seemingly no button to do just that, clicking the parent board name brings up a drop down by which you can, but it wasn’t immediately apparent, I thought it just brought up a search at first.

tl;dr it’s just slightly cumbersome to get around and there’s quite a bit of buttons and info that might not be relevant to most target users. Like I said, fine with me but might take a little getting used to.

On the FAQ - VRChat Ask page under the Powered By You section, there is a link to site feedback category. When you click on that, it sends you to an oops page. As for people linking discord servers, that is as simple as stating, no discord servers be linked, if people want more details they can contact the OP for more details/discord servers.

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Ah, gotcha! I’ll fix that link once we have a feedback board up. I’ve created a Forum Feedback board, linked it in the FAQ, and moved this topic there.

@tae I definitely feel you. I spent an inordinate amount of time on older forum software (PHPbb, Xenforo) in the past and Discourse is a definite change. Over the past few months I’ve come to really enjoy the layout and design mindset of Discourse, but I do understand that it can be a bit jarring at first.

Generally we’re pretty happy with the default theming and layout of the board as a whole. No promises, but I’ll take a look at tweaks. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I guess my opinion is formed because of those reasons, using older forum software for huge amounts of time.

Discourse isn’t bad at all, just pretty different.

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