Forum Expansion!

Hey all!

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve added a bunch of categories to the Ask forums. In particular:

  • The Hub: Meant for general discussion about VRChat that doesn’t fit elsewhere. We’ve also got sub-categories meant for posting about your events, your communities, or just one-time meetups you’re holding. We’ve seen these types of threads be quite popular on other boards, so we’ll give them a shot.
  • Avatars: Talk about the creation of avatars in VRChat!
  • Worlds: Talk about the creation of worlds in VRChat!
  • Commissions: Advertise your commission services here! This category requires “Trust Level 2”, or TL2. This isn’t tied to VRChat Trust, and is dependent on your activity on the Ask forums. We’ve relaxed the requirements for this quite a bit, so just spend some time posting, liking posts, replying, etc. You’ll get TL2 after a pretty short period.
  • Tutorials, Tools and Resources: Made a useful VRChat tool? Created a guide or tutorial series? Wrote a shader? Post about it here!

If you’ve got suggestions for new boards, please post in our Ask Forum Feedback category.