Forum Feedback

As you might have noticed, we’re making some changes to this forum to make it more pleasant to use!

If you’ve got feedback, please post it here!

This thread is for feedback on these forums, not with the VRChat application.

I’ll start off by posting that this forum is currently using the Air theme from Discourse’s official repo. It wasn’t customized all that much and, due to how we’re running this forum, we have a limited capability to customize it. We don’t have the resources to make small changes and tweak things like CSS layouts.

If you like, dig through that repo and find ones you like! Post them here and we’ll take a look.

A thought: we could fork a theme repo and then open it up for PRs. That way, everyone can contribute changes to the theme that they think can help out. A bit more advanced but we can all together make changes, rather than try to pin our hopes on Strasz and I finding time to tweak CSS. :cold_sweat:

I can’t guarantee that we’ll accept all changes, but I wouldn’t mind small tweaks that’d make it easier to use these forums.

Another thought: we could install a bunch of themes that people would like, and you can swap between them using your User Preferences page.

1 Like has a theme switcher! I think that’s neat.


They have a theme that changes Discourse into… Reddit? Some users might enjoy that :thinking:
If nothing else, it shows how powerful Discourse’s theming system is.

Sai, Spark and I really like Central:

Tryin’ to get this enabled, but I think our theme hasn’t been fully updated to work with the sidebar yet.

I’m not sure if I’d want this personally, but it does show the scope available to us!

Hmm, that one worries me because it’s early in development, and doesn’t work so well on Mobile.

Looking good! :+1:

Maybe consider adding an ActivityPub plugin like this one?

This would allow posts and announcements to be followed from federated social media such as Mastodon, Misskey and more!

I’m not a user of ActivityPub feeds, so what’s the use case here?

Do you follow certain posts? Categories?

You could for example follow this: Official - VRChat Ask Forum and see all posts directly in your Fediverse app (Mastodon, Tusky, Megalodon, Ivory etc), read it, like it and comment as if it was a social media post.

Wordpress similarly added built in support for ActivityPub a while ago so you can now copy paste the URLs of blog posts, and paste them directly into Mastodon search, and then follow blogs with it enabled. WordPress now offers official support for ActivityPub - The Verge

With the extension enabled, you could for example open this post, read and like it directly from Mastodon.

All depends on how you configure the extension, you could even allow users to comment on it, but that may be a bit too free and risk spam.

We’ll take a look, but we want to make sure we nail the forum setup first. We can worry about expanding in this direction later!

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Sure thing! Here is an example of a Discourse feed being shown in Mastodon using the ActivityPub plugin.
(You need to be logged in, otherwise it will redirect)[email protected]

Searching for the following, will also index the feed on any other server:

@[email protected]

Thanks to @Sai 's hard work, we now have two themes, both with Light/Dark versions!

Change your theme to either the default Air or the new zeronoise on the bottom left. You can click the sun/moon to swap between light and dark mode.


All I care about currently is the default theme. While I was using the site, it went from the default gray to a much darker gray that’s nearly black.

This darker gray is hurting my eyes and making the text harder to read. As much as I love dark mode, this new default theme color is hurting. I’d love if it could be reverted.

I could just run custom CSS with stylus, but I’d rather see if we can revert the base color back.

I’ve adjusted color values a little bit again for the dark mode of the Air theme, please let me know what you think!

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LMAO, I saw it changing in real time without reloading the page. That’s crazy.

I think this is basically what it was before. It feels a lot better. Thank you.

The default’s colors on mobile devices are much darker than on desktop. Could they be lightened up a little to match?

I’ve double checked across multiple mobile devices and also my browsers device toolbar and i can’t replicate the different colors. Could you check if you have a custom color scheme picked in your preferences → Interface?
They should be set to “VRChat Ask - Light 2.0” and “VRChat Ask - Dark 2.0”

I suppose it’s just the differences between my phone’s OLED screen vs. my LED monitor.

Which theme do y’all like so far? I’m really liking Zeronoise with Sai’s changes.


Zeronoise does look nice.
I checked a few themes, but i haven’t used forums enough to be able to know what’s best for me.
So i’ll look at people suggestions in the meantime, but wouldn’t mind this one

The light mode seems kinda broken :sweat_smile:

This looks like you have the old theme cached, also double check your interface preferences, you might have an old color scheme picked that i unlisted.