Right stick not working in games

Games in where you have a selection on your right stick, like Test Pilots where the vehicles have some settings you can toggle on and off and select between them with the right stick.

Doesn’t work for me. The stick works perfectly with VRchat itself. (like, I can turn and use it to open and move around the Action Menu. ) It’s only the game itself that doesn’t register the movement.

Probably related problem: Grapple Island: I can’t use the grappling hooks. The hook just teleports to the correct place on my avatar’s hand, but doesn’t stay there, nor can I use it.

I did some troubleshooting (disabled a non-existent XBox 360 controller), and set the control scheme to SteamVR and then it worked. But then I closed VRchat, and when I next launched it again, the problem reappeared. Can’t play games anymore. But this time there is not controller to disable anymore to try and fix it again.

Relevant Equipment: Quest 2. Dedicated WiFi 6/6E router, PC and router connected to the same Gigabit switch. Windows 11, i7-12700k, RTX2060, 64Gb RAM, NVMe drives.

Have mostly played VRchat via Virtual Desktop/SteamVR, but like I said, also tested AirLink/Oculus. No difference.

I’m running out of options. I really want to play in the game worlds, but it’s now sometimes even literally impossible.

I have no problems with the stick anywhere else, and not even the basic functionality of VRchat itself. It’s only the game worlds that have this problem.

Update: With the Virtual Desktop + SteamVR combo I can get it to work IF:
a) I close every app that has an UI that I can. Apps that minimize to system tray don’t matter.
b) upon starting SteamVR, and then VRchat, I switch back to desktop and minimize VRchat.
c) click somewhere, making sure VRchat is NOT the active window.

Then it works.

I have no clue anymore.