Reverse it, please

You say you listen to the feedback yet haven’t seem to do anything about it. I’m not trying to be rude but listen to the people you claim to already be listening to and reverse the update, it’s made the game worse. We know a few people leaving doesn’t matter to you lot. Don’t ban me for this please.

The devs already stated that they wont take the update down, so begging won’t do much good.
They try to implement some features ( which we already had with mods) to appease the community, but that’s all you will get.

Nobody is listening to you.

you are alone.

The devs don’t care about you.

they never cared.

they are not trust worthy.

you made a mistake thinking they want to help you.

you will never be listened to by the heads of this community.

Vrchat is not community first.

welcome to new Vrchat.

you get what you get.

don’t get upset.

Hi tupperware. :slight_smile: