Question about "VRCUrlInputField"

i’m new to udon graph and i’m working on a small world project,
and while working on some UI prefabs, i noticed that one of them is using “InputField” with “VRCUrlInputField”.
the issue that i noticed was with the ‘Text Component’ that allowed only ‘legacy text’.
so when i tried to put in a long url and used this udon node graph to get it: “VRCUrlInputField.Get textComponent → Text.Get text”
the result will be text that is chopped in half (that was not usable).

now i learned its wrong approach, and since then i used “VRCUrlInputField.GetUrl → VRCUrl.ToString”,

but from that experience i was wondering if you guys (VRChat Developers) are planning to upgrade (or at least add an option) to use something like “TextMeshPro - Text” with “VRCUrlInputField” (instead of the old legacy text) since (from what i tested) it seems to not have that issue and have better function overall.

thanks :slightly_smiling_face: