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what sort of protocol for those? i guess its either like rtsp://hostname/blah.ts or https://hostname/blah.ts

i guess by not having a quest some of this research is a bit blind, trying to find out how best to construct and hand out a mpeg transport stream.

AFAIK it’s just https.
That’s at least what VRCDN uses.
I’m not super familiar with the technicals of the actual protocols/codecs.

My Pc side of the world the player works fine and the playlist shows up works perfect but in the quest side the playlist disappears how can you fix this?

when i click where its suppose to be it trys to load the song but always comes back unable to load video

Are you sure that the URL is quest compatible? I’d recommend ruling that out first.

@techanon is there anything in the logs that mentions when a prefab player is from? like versioning? I’m in a particular world, a pool hall VRChat - Home

I notice that in this one the HLS streaming seems to stop every so often.

2022.12.16 23:10:19 Log        -  [ATA | TVManagerV2ManualSync (ProTV Standard)] PreSerialization: ownerState 1 | locked False | urlRevision 25 | videoPlayer 0
2022.12.16 23:10:19 Log        -  [ATA | TVManagerV2ManualSync (ProTV Standard)] Main URL https://redacted/hls/lol.m3u8 | Alt URL  | Error/Retry False
2022.12.16 23:10:19 Log        -  [ATA | TVManagerV2ManualSync (ProTV Standard)] All good.

No problem
2022.12.16 23:13:33 Log        -  [ATA | TVManagerV2 (ProTV Standard)] Sync enforcement requested for live or local. Updating to 133.5277

This time it stopped
2022.12.16 23:18:33 Log        -  [ATA | TVManagerV2 (ProTV Standard)] Sync enforcement requested for live or local. Updating to 143.5277

Oddly enough while typing this up I got another sync message, and music is playing.
2022.12.16 23:23:33 Log - [ATA | TVManagerV2 (ProTV Standard)] Sync enforcement requested for live or local. Updating to 153.5277

I’m not sure if they are using outdated scripting, or what. i do notice in the player in game every time i see the sync enforcement log entry, the time on the player updates, so 3:03/00:01

worked fine in the cruise ship that sinks and breaks in half. (TheBigSaltCruise).

is there a way to force streaming with no sync as a user?, i guess if its old might not be.

edit: 2.3.12
edit2: not sure if it matters but instance owner was on a potato PC.

is there a way to make youtube links quest compatible?

I want to attach an extra screen and speakers to a ProTV prefab but I’m struggling to get them to work. I assume I add main for screen and left and right audio game objects in to the video player. But do they go in managed or unmanaged?

A post earlier in this thread discussed the issues with using youtube on quest.

I use a different link for Jinnai from what I’ve observed it does the same redirection magic for all users, so if a video linked through it fails on PC, it’ll fail on quest as well. Specific music channels typically.

Try an mp4 hosted on discords cdn as well, those don’t rely on a reflection server working

If you want the screens to hide when the TV is stopped, put them in Managed Screens. Otherwise you can just leave them out of those lists. Unmanaged Screens is a vestigial feature that will be removed in the next major update, so don’t worry about that.

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Thanks for explaining @techanon . I have another issue… I’ve added the ImagePlayList prefab. I have it nested inside my PRoTV Standard Gameobject.
In the Playlist gameobject, I choose 'ProTV Standard (TV ManagerV2), and add a playlist txt file with sprite images.
The images show up fine in my scene and inspector, but when I upload, I see the playlist and can switch between entries, but the images dont show in the world.
When I check in unity again, the ImagePlaylist gameobject shows the TV as ‘none (TVManagerV2)’, the Txt file field shows ‘None’, and the entries in my playlist items don’t have any images.

thank you :slight_smile:

Try unpacking the prefabs.


Hi, when i load a video, it stops loading near the end on the white bar below, why is it doing that?

AVPro doesn’t pass good information on errors back to udon. If you look in the log for VRChat client there might be a message that mentions a few possibilities. Like wrong codec, connection failure, etc.

Check log to be sure. When I’m with friends and someone posted a video where that happens, I usually see a problem in the URL

The loading bar is technically just an animation. There’s no way to know what the progress actually is for a url request.

If you are in VRChat directly and it gets stuck at the end, that means either the script has crashed or it’s taking a long time to resolve. I have observed many times where a youtube video is taking excessive time to load (more than 30 seconds), but eventually it does either load or fail which will then ends the fake animation.

If you are trying to play it in editor via ClientSim, that likely means that it’s trying to load a url into a video player component that doesn’t exist causing the script to crash. To avoid this you need to follow the instructions on the video player shim tool’s release page: Releases · TechAnon / ArchiTech.VideoPlayerShim · GitLab

keep getting an error “audio source failed to initialize audio spatializer” how do fix?

It is a pretty safe guess to bet that many people (if not everyone) is getting that error these days. There is another thread with no official response as well. I assume that you are getting a “warning” and not an error.

This is a known issue and a Unity bug, unfortunately. We’re working on a work-around.