Make USharpVideo player sound come from multiple sources (eg: speakers in world)

i’m trying to figure out how to make the source sound from a USharpVideo player come from multiple sources in a scene such as speakers on a dance floor. my current workaround is to just move the cound source into the middle of the dance floor, but I would like to make it so you “hear” sound coming from a speaker on the dance floor, perhaps even be able to aim the sound more to the dance floor.

I don’t know about the Udon Video Player per se, it’s pretty basic.

Why not try using another player such as ProTV or iwaSync3?

These both have positional speakers that are fairly “drag and drop” into your Unity project, just set them where you want and you’re done.

You could even tweak the volume and range curves for customizing the output even more :slight_smile:

Seconding ProTV and iwaSync3! Both are free and have excellent feature support, including moving, splitting, and duplicating audio sources.

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I actually ended up swapping over to pro tv the other day and yes, it’s way easier and has more features. a bit of a learning curve for me as a beginner but i’m getting the hang of it.

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