ProTv quest converter bat file

This is a bat file I’ve created, it converts a list of YouTube videos into their long-url formats which are resolvable by quest. It also puts them into the playlist format for ProTv
get the zip from google drive
follow the readme
message me on discord if needed (Val#4773)
google drive link

Not to be an ass,
But, you know the old saying, don’t download random scripts off the internet?
Well, this is one such case.

The batch script and binaries are safe, it doesn’t do anything malicious and it’s kinda useful, it essentially batch downloads the meta-data of videos and then uses JQ to parse this data back to the direct links.

for this it bundles a copy of youtube-dl ( GitHub - ytdl-org/youtube-dl: Command-line program to download videos from and other video sites ) and JQ ( jq )

Both of which are legitimate tools and not malicious. The batch script itself is also safe as noted by virus total: VirusTotal

That all said, I’m happy you’re sharing tools my man, it makes things easier for developers and I’m all for it. But next time, please add a little more context as to what you’re sharing. Because with the same amount of effort that could be malware and most people wouldn’t even be aware.

The tool itself could be useful, but these links will break over time, since the direct links to youtube videos expire over time. Which is about 6 hours after they get generated.

I think the root cause of the issue is quest’s implementation of the youtube-dl library, which should get resolved over time. (As somehow, some players do work just fine on quest)