Pen Tablet Desktop Support

Could we get, could we get, yes, we must ask for a lot of things, but maybe, having it out there could be a step closer into getting it. Now,

Could we get: Pen Tablet, “Wacom”, support for desktop version VRChat?

It’s a weird thing, isn’t it, whenever you connect one of these to your pc and you drag the pen over, it magically controls the mouse! But when you launch VRChat… oh wow! The mouse actually moves in the menu, that’s great, now into the game, I grabbed a pen with my avatar, so let’s try moving the camera just like how my mouse does but using the pen to move the mouse…

nothing happens.

It just doesn’t move the mouse. Now, I’d understand if the technicallity of it was that “the game can’t translate the way the mouse is fixed to a zone in the creen now to moving the camera, I bet it would spin the camera like crazy!” and to that I’d answer, well I’d give two answers:

  1. The Pen Tablet can be switched into “Mouse Mode” in it’s own setting sepparate from the game, what this does, you can slide the pen just like you’d slide your mouse on the table, that’s how you control the mouse. Alright, this should be easy for the game to translate into moving the camera. Oh, what’s this? It can’t, it just doesn’t. It doesn’t detect mouse input, not even with this mode enabled.
  2. Then please, implement it in the game, so that first: it recognizes it as mouse input to move the camera. And second: once it detects the player is suddenly using the pen to control the camera (which of course you’ll be able to have it detect if you had to implement it recognizing this special input first) add the solution to have the current position of the camera become the center of a rectangle proyected into the spherical range of the desktop player. This rectangle range will be the rectangular range of the pen tablet, unlocking the vertical angle of the camera of course (if you initiate the rectangle while looking upwards to the max of a mouse pointer, the rectangle is still projected fully on top of the sphere. It doesn’t matter, the camera should snap back safely to the last and initial mouse position of this interaction once the mouse is moved, returning from pen control bakc to mouse control).

Doesn’t that sound clear. I want opinions, opinions, and replies. Enlighten me, how possible is this.

Thanks for reading, about time this is discussed. So many poor artists enjoying the pens of VRChat with friends in desktop mode, just accepting their fate without VR and stuck with a mouse.

I just found out about

Don’t worry, I’ll be in the process of moving there. Thanks.