Desktop Mouse Sensitivity

I’m here to ask about the possibility of dividing the mouse sensitivity slider into vertical and horizontal sensitivity for the X and Y axis.

Using the mouse to aim in VRChat is really difficult and it takes practice, but the issue still remains, dragging the mouse up and down is way more slow and difficult in the game than draggining it left to right.
It becomes way more apparent when trying to draw using pencils. Drawing a “horizontal line” on that spherical range you have is super easy, the mouse just slides along perfectly without any deviation. But if you want to try your hand on drawing a vertical line??? It’s nearly impossible. The horizontal sensitivity is so crazy by comparison you’d need to slide your mouse against a ruler nailed to the table.

Seriously, there has always been a problem with the axis sensitivity and I have no idea why there hasn’t been any mention, no thread about it.
It’s true, by now a lot of people will have grown accustomed to using the mouse in this crazy sensitivity, that’s why I’m not asking nor want a fix, I want manual control over it, as “simple” as separate vertical and horizontal sensitivity sliders at the settings. Maybe hidden near the normal slider, as an “advanced control” button.

Now, I say “simple” but have no idea how difficult or possible it may be, that’s for you to tell me, enlighten me on this, please!

Along with the theme of drawing in desktop, I’ll make another thread about adding support for pen tablets to control the mouse to a certain proyected degree whenever pen input is detected.

Just found out about

Don’t worry, I’ll be in the process of moving there. Thanks.