Particles showing up as cubes on the quest platform

Throughout all the time i have worked on avatars for myself, i have had this issue on the quest side where just about all particles that are billboards seem to render in as cubes on the quest platform. I haven’t bothered to ask for help till now, but i decided to finally ask to hopefully figure out what I’m doing wrong.

I do know that my particles are over the 2000 limit but i do believe that i once was under and this issue still was occurring. Unless I’m mistaken and it actually is due to this, then my bad. Anyways, i would like some help on this matter. I was never really able to find online a solution and I have seen that there are Avatars whose quest side particles are fully visible.

I tend to use VRChat/Mobile/Particles Additve all the time for the quest side when converting particles to Quest