How do i add particles to my quest avatar

i have been jabbing at the unity particle system and the avatar toggles FOR HOURS and i cant get a single particle to pop out of the avatar when im on quest, it says that it published the avatar with the particle effects but i dont see ANYTHING, ive tried switching the shaders and EVERYTHING but STILL. NO. PARTICLES. this has been a on-going situation and i think im starting to lose my sanity ples help :(((

I didn’t took time to setup the particules and be able to try it on quest, but i do know that VRChat has a Particule Limiter system that is set to default and forced on for Quest users. So maybe your particules are above the limit and get automatically disabled when you try it on quest, even if it works for pc users or in Unity.

Can you check those limits on the documentation page Avatar Particle System Limits and keep up to date, so if someone have the same issue (i know some do) they can understand the origin ?

Thank you.