OSC won't start with VPN on

Ok, so I have a VPN. If the VPN is off, OSC works, and when it’s on it doesn’t and I get this in the logs:
“Could not Start OSC: The requested address is not valid in this context”

Is there any way I can get OSC to work with my VPN ON.

The VPN software might matter.

Maybe ask the VPN maker about it? They’d be in a better position to download VRChat and see what the network interfaces are doing while the VPN is running. Especially if you’re not wanting to name the service you’re using.

Edit: Maybe you can tell VRChat a specific IP address to bind to, like

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Thank you. 127 wasn’t the way to go, but here’s what did for future problem havers.

Launch option for VRChat in steam

–osc=9000:[local lan IP]:9001

Then the programs that needed to yell at VRChat needed to be excluded from the VPN, which is fine because I can split tunnel.

That’s it.

Thanks again.