VPN is blocked from VRChat

I’m not really where else to report something like this so I’ve posted here, but basically, VRChat blocks me from connecting while on my VPN. I always get an “Access Denied” error with the message:
The owner of this website (vrchat.com) has banned the autonomous system number (ASN) your IP address is in (29802) from accessing this website.
Obviously, I could always turn off my VPN and play VRChat then, however, I’d much prefer not to sacrifice security just so I can play a game. Is there any way that the team at VRChat could whitelist these IP blocks?
Specifically, I use VPN.ac, and they use a variety of servers, hosted on platforms such as Hivelocity, LeaseWeb, and Psychz, among others, if that’s any help into figuring out which IPs they have.

Problem with whitelisting VPN’s is that it makes ban evasion significantly easier.

This doesn’t apply when 99% of the world uses DHCP and can simply have their IP changed by resetting their routers… VPN blocking is a blanket preemptive ban to prevent DDoS and trolls. It serves no purpose for the standard user.

For anyone that finds this post, use a Proxy on top of your VPN, or purchase a dedicated IP address like Private Internet Access offers. This should bypass this restriction, allowing you to use your VPN without someone causing you to get banned being on the same network.*

*If they block the entire subnet, you’re borked. Sorry, no way around this.

This is not to attempt to teach anyone how to bypass bans, but in a world where packet sniffing and SWATing are a thing, VPN’s are almost required to be a regular presence on the internet.