VRChat account with Proton.me email

I’ve been transitioning from using Gmail as my email service to Proton(which is more privacy centered). I tried changing my email on my VRC account, and it tells me “Failed to change email: This email address is not allowed at this time”.
I feel like I’m the extreme minority that’s bothered by this, but I’m curious if proton mail will ever be allowed.

Exact same situation here, transferring everything to proton after google’s recent messup with drive data and a lot of their other recent decisions… unable to transfer my vrchat account with the exact same issue of “This email address is not allowed at this time”.

This isn’t a proton issue, it’s vrchat blocking the use of protonmail and i can’t see why they would.

EDIT: there seem to be plenty of threads of people with similar issues for the past 3 years, would love it if vrchat unblocked protonmail.

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Proton has a page outlining the steps one can take did anyone consider contacting Proton?

What to do if an online company blocks registration with Proton Mail addresses | Proton.


I did contact them they told me that it’s not in their power to change anything, VRC has their domain blocked and they are aware of the issue

I know nothing about the policies or proton mail but I noticed the domain can be referenced with @protonmail.com also. So if it was me I would try that and if that doesn’t work maybe contact VRC and/or get another email account for VRC for the time being.