Is there a reason I can't use a custom Email?

I find is quite silly to block custom domain emails…

I guess. Depends on their internal validation system.
I would suggest opening a support ticket instead of using the forum. Can’t help you further, never encountered the issue.

That’s odd, my friend and I use a custom domain for our emails.

So I would assume the issue is either internal or some weird happening on the domain side.

Oh, this is good to know, I don’t see a reason it would be on the domain site, so maybe an issue on vrchat’s end, since I have used this email for many services already

I am also using personal domains on my accounts, although the accounts were made back in 2021. Maybe this is an issue with new signups only? I’d agree support ticket is the way to go

Maybe the age of the domain is a factor? ipixelgalaxy was registered 2023-10-20 according to a quick and dirty whois.

I just signed up with a personal domain that is quite older

That’s an interesting thought, I hope something like that is the case, but I’m not a big fan of the VRC Team calling not allowing a different email a “Security Reason”

It’s fair, but on the other hand, it’s less of a security problem if I have my own vrchat specific email in the case of a data breach on VRC’s end.

Disappointing (but expected) response from support