OSC - Socket issue

C#, Rug.OSC

I’m new to the whole OSC thing so please bear with me. My program listens for OSC changes on but when I want to send OSC parameter to VRChat on I get:
‘An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by it’s access permissions’.
I can send the messages without problems once VRC is not running.

I attempted using ‘VRCOscLib’ but received the same issue.

Am I using a wrong Port or an IP?

I’ve been meaning to read up on OSC, but haven’t, with the different ports like that it sounds like it uses UDP, and if it is, I suspect you’re trying to open up port 9000 and then send something. With UDP you open up a port on the machine that you’re sending from, and then all of your packets have a destination IP and port.

What library are you using? You might want to share a code sample.

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I’m using Rug.OSC (Bitbucket)

Receiver (Works as intended):


Sender (Throws mentioned error):

Values used:

I read through the docs and it sounds about right. If you dont specify a ListenPort, it dynamically allocates one.

Is it failing to send.connect or sender.Send?

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Send.Connect to be precise.

Maybe a firewall is blocking things? What if you tell it to connect to the local lan up address instead?

My understanding is that connect should just open a UDP socket, but maybe it also sends some data as well?