OSC Tool support and discoverbility

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I assume not that many users use OSC. Espacially not outside of PC platform. I also assume the lack of interest into OSC comes (not limited but also) from the user stepping into unknowns with in the setup of OSC apps as well as from bad discoverability and trust in to the application. I’m facing user which don’t understand that 2 Programs can react on the same input in relation to use buttons for placespace mover while the same button is also used by VRChat (In like not understanding of multiple programs working together).

Any plans on making setup process of (verified) OSC apps easier for users? Could VRChat help with delivering (verified) applications to the user? Is there something like udon but which would fit the use for an osc application? Can this be crossplatform compatible?
It would be great if that would just work agnostic on all platforms. Like in for Quest/Pico it could run of a phone which loads the code in an app and than connects over bluethooth to your Quest/Pico. On PC it just runs in a wrapper programs which handles a local connection. The actuall osc app we writing shouldn’t handle the connection to local/remote/bt/… anymore.
(everything here written might have some security requirements to it.)

Will there be support from VRChat to help with discoverability in game? Like a search type? (as we can search for world and worlds with avatars)

That’s a good idea. Not sure, but could be integrated with vcc and curated projects, allowing validated add-ons with osc.

Else that could be an additional tool like the “world instancer” thing in the tool section, as it’s quite empty.

For the udon like, I think I saw a project on github that gave you the opportunity to do so. And you have aggregators like VRCOSC that bundles applications. If that matches what you mean.

I mean since U# is moderated version of C# iirc, udon should be able to do it

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