No streaming camera in desktop mode

I was wondering if there was some way to have a streaming camera mode like in vr for desktop users.
I’m currently trying to record video to promote my newest avatar I am planning to sell and don’t have access to a headset at the moment. I’m using MMD worlds to showcase my avatars currently but would much prefer being able to go around vrchat and record at different places with friends using the avatar!

yes why?

I hope you’ve already found your answers but if you are still trying to find a solution I have 2 options to provide.

AvatarCam By Lyuma
VRCLens By Hirabiki VRCLens: VRChat Camera Extension for Desktop and VR

Both of these options would have to be added manually onto your avatar so I suggest making a 2nd version for the one with the camera for showcasing.

What is AvatarCam?

AvatarCam is a 3rd person camera shader so the flexibility is likely a bit limited but it may just do the job you’re looking for.

What is VRCLens?

VRCLens is an extension to the already existing VRC Camera with many additional features such as desktop mode and drone mode. Most of the features have now made their way into the default game camera but if you want that extra bit of control (desktop control) this is likely what you want.

Do Note: I have not tested these myself so I can’t aid in setup. Both of these assets are made by trusted and well-vouched VRC community developers so I trust that setup and use should not be too hard if you are already versed enough with Unity to be creating your own avatars.